How Does This CRT Instrument Work?


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Holly, Michigan
Greetings, can somebody tell me how they think a guitar like this works or if my theory is correct?

So, I'm sure you've all seen the CRTelecaster by Ei Wada. (

I would love to craft one and they're not selling such a product as of yet. I've done extensive research and I believe it's not far from the Barcode Synth by James Bruton (

He even goes into the coding of such an instrument. Now, it's clear the noise is coming from the barcodes generated from the inputs. However, the "guitar" clearly is using some sort of touch/slide bar to my knowledge. My guess would be the higher you go, the tighter the barcode is presented, leading to a higher pitched note. You could have four different tuned "strings" or slide bars, and have them connected to something similar to the Barcode Synth Build, generating sound. Would it be possible to code something like a laptop touch bar to present said barcodes? Link:

A part I'm not understanding would be from this quotation of the instrument: " The static electricity emitted from the screen is caught by the "coil pick", and the sound is produced from the guitar amplifier. "

If anybody has any information or ideas, please let me know. I have searched the internet for nearly everything and would love to start this project. Also, if you think you can code or wire such a device, I'd love to hire anybody willing to help. Thanks!
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