How do I quit a password to access BIOS???


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How do I quit a password to access BIOS??? I forgot the password and I have to enter Bios because I need to make some changes.

The computer that I have is a Toshiba Satellite A75-s226 laptop with Windows XP with the next BIOS: Phoenix Bios 4.0 Release 6.1

I want to quit the password without removing the stack or the jumper because is difficult to open this laptop. I was searching in many pages and I found that I can remove the Bios Password using the debug program in MS-DOS with the next instructions:

o 70 2e

o 71 ff


But it doesn't function, Is there another code or any program that can help me to solve this problem???


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hmm...i would usually say to reset the jumper or remove the battery, but its a hmm....hmmm.....


This site might help you:

Heres another:

Basically its a list of set passwords by bios manufacturers in case something goes wrong, like a backdoor to get through the security.
Each bios manufactuer would have a different bios password configured and this site lists the main ones.

I dont think this is illegal. If it is, feel free to delete the link, and i'll be sorry. I'm sure its not though...

Hope this helps :)