How do I make a LEGAL copy of the sims?

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I am trying to copy the Original sims and all of my expansion packs so I dont have to use the original discs. I know that the Original sims uses Safedisk 1, but am not sure about the rest. How do I do it perfectly?
Windows XP Home Edition SP1
AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Burner: Artec WRR-4848 (has JustLink)
Reader: Creative CD5233E-N, or SONY DVD0ROM DDU1624

CloneCd, full
Clony (how do I get the older version of this? I hear that it gives tips to crack the cd.)
Nero bundled with burner
I also have Alcohol 120%
If you need more specs, plz specify them and I will tell you them.

Thank you:)
I use Nero, it always does the trick for me.

And as far as "legal", my understanding is that as long as you have an original copy, back-ups are perfectly legal.

Hope that this small amount of info helped.

I will try that. I thought u needed all the other special programs and stuff, I will try that. What is ur burner and stuff?
Sony CD-RW CRX175E

24x10x40x CD-RW Int. OEM Drive, EIDE I/F

Model Highlights:

• 24X Recording (CD-R), 10X Recording (CD-RW), 40X Reading (Max.)

• EIDE (ATAPI) interface for easy Integration

• Power-BurnT Technology with 2 MB buffer for improved data throughput

• Records all popular CD formats, including CD TEXT

• Direct Over Write (DOW) recording of CD-RW discs

You will need special programs for more complicated CD Protection but most CD burning software can easily get around the older stuff.
You are correct on the "legal" copy for backup purposes, IF you own the original disk..

Check out this site,, great for info ,, great for tools and utilities for your need,,,

there you can read about all the burning software, patches, fixes, cd security , cheats,, etc,, etc...

Happy Gaming!
I made copies of most of the sims (except for the new one) and got around the copy protection by using blindwrite suite (available at and a hook driver called Insektors. it's all fairly easy to use. i have trouble installing all the expansions but it does work. just to make it easier, look for a no cd patch at if they have the patches for all the expansions just burn with clonecd, use the patches. that'll make it a bit simpler for you.
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