how do i go about overclocking my pc?

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i'm thinking about overclocking my pc but don't have a clue how to do it!! any help would be great

1.7 p4. 768 sdram. ti 4200 64mb geforce 4. winxp pro.
128 sb pro sound card.
With some good cooling, it's possible for a P4 1.7 to hit 2.2 - P4's are arguably very overclockable.

As noted above, check your motherboard first. :)
If u dont have a clue on overclocking, be ware that u could ruin ure CPU completly (and sometimes mobo) and warrenties will not cover it.
overclocking isn't that hard, but u just need to know what the heck your doing, before u do anything to can mess up your system dramtically, if u don't know how to do it...
But one thing about AMDs are that they are usually already overclocked as far as they can go... just a little bit of experience knowledge for ya:D
hi there! i used to have a system rigged with a p4 1.7g, 512 sdram, 128mb ti4400. first thing you have to figure out is why you want your system overclocked. is it because of slow game speed? ... slow program loading time? that sort of stuff. but i do believe that your 64mb ti4200 is buff enough to reach above satisfactory frame rates. but if your problem is slow program loading time and your system seem to be stuck in one frame or window, then perhaps your problem may not be related with your cpu size. perhaps its the sdrams. if your board supports both sdr and ddr, then it would do you a huge amount of good to switch to those ddrs. 1.7 gig is a fairly descent cpu size. i tried to overclock my 1.7 to 2 gig once. I barely noticed the difference. then i bought a 512 ddr 333,.. thats when things started to improve. quiker loading times, etc. overclocking does turn your pc from a lets say a v6 to v8 engine at no cost. but, you have to remember that you sacrifice stablity for speed in overclocking. :)
I currently have my PC overclocked, but I constantly switch it back and forth from default to OC'ed depending on what I am doing. I will tell you right now that if you decide to overclock, you will get spontaneous reboots and lock-ups while playing games.

I have sufficient cooling (7 case fans and a 6000rpm CPU fan) and it would still reboot while playing games sometimes.

Keep in mind, as you increase your FSB speed, you will have to increase your Vcore voltage (CPU voltage).

Let us know how it works.
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