How do I create and share a mailing list?


South Africa
Good day
A group of us met to plan an event and will be doing so quite often. We would like to create a space to facilitate communications (discussions, share ideas etc). We are not keen on having for instance a WhatsApp group or any similar.
We landed on creating a simple mailing list that will include all of us, I have been tasked with this.

The challenge is we are not in the same place/network, and we have different email providers.
I use Gmail (most in the group do as well)
I would like to find out:
Is there a way to create a mail list that can also be shared and used by others without having to type in addresses individually. I know I can create contact groups through labels in Gmail, but the label remains just mine, not shareable?
It would be great to be able to assign a single email address to multiple recipients e.g., and have multiple addresses within it?

I have explored Google groups and feel its a bit fussy for what we need, some members have a very basic relationship with tech :facepalm:, and not all of us use Google products.
There are quite a number of Project management apps that I have come across that could help, but we would totally under utilize them.

Biggest need: set up a mailing list, and be able to share it cross platform

I hope this is clear, looking forward to your assistance.
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