How do I clean inside a PS3 fat and re-apply thermal paste?


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What I think I need to know:

How to disassemble and then safely clean the inside of a PS3 fat (or curvy to be polite).

Where to apply thermal paste, how much, and how to apply.

If I should use an anti-static wrist strap and anti-static mat.


I just bought a used PS3 CECHE01 on Ebay, and it seems completely functional except for this problem: it overheated and shut down after less than 1 hour of use. I turned it back on, and it shut down again after less than 10 minutes. No vents were covered, though it was sitting on a wooden floor.

The fan was very noisy, almost like a vacuum cleaner. Is that just it working hard, or could something be wrong with the fan itself, and could it need to be replaced?

Could the overheating be caused by something other than dust and/or "dry" thermal paste?

Thank you.


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If you can, check out a couple of the videos on YouTube. They'll give you a specific parts list and walk you through the step-by-step process of disassembly and cleaning. At that point, you'll likely be able to determine if the issue is with the heat sink or with dust buildup and blockage. Buying offline is a crapshoot in almost any case, so who knows what you'll find! Good luck.
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