How do I check how many megs my videocard has?

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I have Windows XP PRO. I got into system and Device Manager, then display adapters and it shows an Intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controller but nothing that shows how many megs it is.
generally if you go to the properties for that device, it will show you in there somewhere, if all else fails, i would go to Madonion

and download their demo for 3Dmark2001SE, it will tell you your video cards specs and run a detailed benchmark to tell you how good it is.
Since the Intel graphics controllers nowadays have dynamic RAM allocation - the amount of video RAM can vary depending on what you're doing - for example, while word processing, the graphics controller may only use ~4 MB, but when playing a game (hopefully not ;) ), it can allocate as much as 64 MB (shared) from the main system memory.

All in all, if you had the money, buy a new videocard. :D (mobo, if possible, if you obviously want an AGP)
Yeah, soon after Intel released the 810e they realized that not including an AGP slot was a bad idea.. shortly after, they released the 815e, which was basically identical but included an AGP slot in addition to the onboard video. IMO onboard video is practically useless unless you are trying to build a low-cost internet surfing machine.
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