How come Wikipedia has nearly every proxy blocked?

H.G. Fan

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United Kingdom
How do you get around that?

Practically any VPN that I try, is already blocked.

That's like, the only website I know online that has so many proxies blocked. But as there are hundreds of proxies available across the Internet, how are they blocking so many?


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Hi HG Fan,

From a security perspective, Wikipedia want all updates to be trackable, at least to an extent. This is done by either logging the user IP address and their login name (if not a guest).

A VPN means the user could be anyone, anywhere. If I were to logon to a VPN, "go rogue", and made false changes, they would be unable to block me. This is a risk a site like Wikipedia cannot take, so they block access via VPNs entirely. It is much easier to block an individuals IP on a case-by-case basis if required when they aren't on VPN.

As for identifying known VPNs, easy... a lot of these organisations publish their address ranges (or they can be found), and they can be blocked in bulk. Obviously there are exceptions, e.g. a user setting up their own VPN server.