How can I increase my email open-rate?


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Hi Everyone,

I've been focusing a lot on my brand's email marketing campaigns because I believe there's a lot of untapped potential there which can lead to more business for my brand. Can somebody share some tips to promote my services/product through email marketing.

Luke at TBTech

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Hi Alex!

Firstly great idea, emails are a good way to reach out to customers or prospects.

It would probably help to know a bit more about your email audience and campaign to suggest some ideas. Either way here's some fairly generic things to look at.

1. If you want to improve CTRs on your email, change and test your subject lines.
2. Ensure your email is readable. If you're sending a B2B email to people with Outlook 98, likely the HTML or pretty email design you're sending them isn't going to load perfectly, so just remember favoring function over feature is going to be better in some circumstances.
3. You can send more than one email, so use it to build trust, tell a story and add value before driving them towards a conversion action.
4. utilize your tools, Mailchimp & other tools that allow for personalization, scheduling, and segmenting so you can get creepily personal with your emails.

Good luck!


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I suggest taking a look through hubspot's blog post about spam words for Google's spam filters (assuming that most of your prospects are using Gmail, which is highly likely). I'm using my phone rn so can't really link it but it should be easy to find!

Another bit would be subject personalization. Mention their name/company name on the subject–that should significantly increase your open rate.
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