How can I edit my blog ONLINE?


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I was just wondering the other day, how can I edit/add more items to my blog online? I would need to login, obviously. At the moment I have to open up PageBreeze (HTML Editor), make the changes, then upload it again. Is there an easier way of doing this, e.g. editing it while it's on the net, then saving it?


(I have no idea whether this is in the right category or not!)


Well, you'd be better off using something like Wordpress or Movable Type. They will automatically make an RSS feed for you, aswell.


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What is your blog using at the moment? It sounds like you're just using static HTML files, and if this is the case then the methodology you're using at the moment is the only real way of updating it.

If you want to do it with an online based system, you'll either have to develop your own in PHP or as above, use something like drupal or wordpress. (I'd suggest the latter since they're both free and offer much more in the way of security and features that you could code yourself!)


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My blog is using Yola

I just want to know for knowledge if there was an easy way to update it, I've skimmed a few pages in a book about databases, I don't know much about MySQL, SQL, or Access... I'm not too sure if a database would be what I want, and I know it takes a bit of time to get it working.

I'll take a look at WordPress.

Thanks for the advice :)