How about a programming forum?

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:pIt would be nice to have a forum on programming languages like C, C++, html, java, etc. HTML is probely the well most known.

Just a suggestion...:)
Thought I would say, isn't html technically NOT a programming language?
I think the question that needs to be asked is if we had a programing forum who would use it?
Damn dude, i'd use it, i'm teaching myself some Visual Basic for work, to get some of the daunting day to day crap that i do more automated, and I'd really like to learn C++, C, Perl, and i'd also like to learn some PHP. Damn i've got a lot on my plate. haha :)
It might be an interesting to have a forum for C, C++, and Visual Basic. Especially if part of it was dedicated to the beginning programmer and went through steps to help them advance. That could also be a basis for some tutorials for Tech Heaven.

Of course, there would need to be a place for people that have already learned that want to ask or answer specific questions.

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