How about 7host?


Could anyobne provide some information on the hosting provider called I have foud attractiver their wondows deals ans system ofprepaid coupons, so I need a third party opinions before buyng the services.

Considering your help.



In Runtime appears really to be attractive for hosting windows sites. Their system of credits can create real economy for getting services, when the currency hikes.

Also I got to know the coupon code which is giving 15% discount for the services 7HOST15LK. Really attactive company to my mind.


In Runtime
I have no first hand experience with that company, but I think that if you broaden your search, you will find the best place to buy hosting. Taking the advantage of the opportunity, I would like to draw your attention to, and - they have good reputation and offers affordable plans, so you can check their offers also as they are trusted companies I think.


This host (i mean 7host) recieved many positive feedbacks on some forums and review sites i visit, so I believe you could give them a try. The windows specialists are rare birds today, so they must have better services.

If you would not like the services, try to examine the deals from


I suppose could be the resonable solution, as this company is cheaper and more experinced, They have a room for further development and are quality provider.