Hotmail/gmail Question


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I have a hotmail account, but want to convert to gmail. Is there any way thru hotmail to forward my mail to my new gmail account? I couldn't find anything...thanks.


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Interesting question i would like to know if thats possible just out of interest, and to check it out maybe,

But hotmail(msn) they wouldnt really allow that would they? :confused:
Gmail is competition for msn..
Since MSN want you to be with there service's eg: e-mail, instant msg'n, and etc ... tho even tho hundreds of hundreds 100205155 of people use hotmail and msn as it it,

Ok did a quick google, maybe you might need to pay for hotmail to forward, like the pop' accounts..



I used to have POP Hotmail for free, because i was with hotmail since like, 1998. But then i realised hotmail sucked, and didnt check it any more, so now i dont have it :(