HOT! computer problems help


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i have p4 1.8 ghz,512 mb ram,
64 mb ati graphics card and intel D845GEBV2 board
i have installed intel active moniter
which keeps an eye on the cpu temp

when i play games such as
halo or rise of nations the program
gives an alarm after 15-20 min that
the temp of
processor zone is > 60 'C
system zone1 is > 50 'C
system zone2 is > 55 'C
the fan is running properly
is this normal???

up to what tempretures cpu is safe

from where can i get a good info on that


50 at idel doesnt seem that good. Is your heatsink fitted correctly..maybe also your fan doesnt boost enough rpm, do you know its rate? Also on some bios's it needs updating to receive an accurate reading.


Yeh zalman seem good but $$$ i got a nice akasa carnival for £4 on ebay deliverd today. Now running my lovely overclocked cpu at 41C idle..hmmm can you get those nice coolers for intels? Anyway £4 aint bad as the thermal compound bundled with it sells at £3.50 and then you have extas such as the Speed ajuster plate and yellow fan lol. Recomend it