HostName and LAN question


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Hello, 2 questions
1. How can i change my windows ip hostname and.
2. It says my IP address in (ipconfig/all) is but in it says What is the difference with these 2. In my other post ( max said
Go to the command prompt and type ipconfig /all and you will see all your network info. default gatway is your router.
The default gateway says So i thought that my ip address was my router. :S So how would i be able to change my ip address. ( (i have 2 laptops networked aswell)


In Runtime
Your default gateway is (Router)
Your IP is: 10.1.1.x (where x is 2-255 - these are the available IPs for your LAN)
Your ISP provided IP address (WAN) is

When you go to, your computer sends all data to the router. All data going out of the router has your WAN IP address. When an IP address is displayed from, it is showing you your WAN IP address.

To change your LAN IP address:
-go to network connections
-right-click the active connection
-select properties
-click on "internet protocol" (not the check box)
-Click properties
-select "use the following..."
-enter the info

Note: make sure that the subnet masks of all the comps. are identical to the one on the router


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I've done all what you said.
1 problem i encountered was i didnt have a DNS nor DNCP. I think this was contributing outlook express not working.


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If you are manually setting the IP address DHCP addres doesn't matter, as DHCP is used for synamically assigning addreses.

DNS is important however, and I assume yuor outlook problem is cannot foid/connect to server.

try putting the address of your router into the DNS server settings box, your router should forward requests as necessary to the correct place.

also, if your router is able to perform DHCP, you'd probably do much better to turn off the manually assigned IP address and let the DHCP take care of everythin for you.

you still don't need to specify the server as the machine gets the address from the dchp server by sending out a broadcast packet, which the DCHP server responds to giving its address.


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Thanks so much. I have it working now. I didnt notice that when i clicked manually, that the DNS changed to manually aswell.