Hooray, my website

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Is up @ http://www.shanb.com Wooo hooo! All i have set up right now is an invision board, and that's taking up enough of my time. :p Hopefully on Sunday i'll work on the layout and content of the main site :) Hopefully it'll come along quickly. Feel free to visit :D
My brother screwed up the forums, so you guys will need to re-register, ill give ur posts back when i notice you back, and re add the rest of the forums!
Thanks....It's a big work in progress....the forums coming along, hopefully i can think of a layout for the main website...but i might just get a templete until i get some inspiration on what i want to do.....i suck with grafix, but i think i can design a cool layout..so i'm off to find some grafix.. :) :D
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