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home office o/s

my wife needs a home office o/s, our old pc had ms works95 wich had the h**l worked out of it, one b.s. and one RRT diplomas were generated from it. now we need a new one but i dont want ms, coral seemed good but they have gotten $,one of the nurses my wife works with has open office, a freeware development o/s, she is just crazy about it.
any one run this o/s or heard about it? checked out the site and iam impressed any words of warning on this
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never used it. but also check out sun microsystems office suite, 'star office'. also not a bad program that (last I knew anyway) is also under the GNU public license.
I've used it. It's a good program and it's FREE!!!

Some say that it's better than M$ Office.

My opinion: It's good and free, M$ is better and expensive.
ok i went ahead and spent 2 hrs dl this software slow on a 56k, fantastic software more options than ms and the options make sense wife tryed it out and flat fell in love with it the best thing is IT<S NOT MICRO SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it;s stone cold FREE god i love america
Lol you sounds happy. hope you enjoy it, if you have any problems just post em around here somewhere and im sure we'd all be more than happy to help...

Maybe i'll have to try that program out one day.
Well I see that you are happy ....
atleast there is someone who doesnt like the buggy MICROSOFT.

LOL :)
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