Home network with dial-up


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I am new to home networking and have a few questions.

I have a laptop and a pc both on windows xp and i want to link these together wirelessly so they share my dial up internet connection, files and the printer. What do I need to do this?

Also is it possible for someone to be one the internet on the pc and laptop at the same time with a shared dial up connection?


The shared dialup connection is possible but unless you both only use text-only browsers, it will be far to sl o w


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If you get a wireless network card for both computers that should be enough hardware to be able to share the internet connection.

For software you will need to either use Windows ICS or setup a proxy server. I personally use SquidNT, but I have had a few small problems with it (They are probably quite fixable).


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you could also get a router that supports dial-up... theres still some out there just have to search for routers with com ports... or you could do what linuxdude suggested by getting 2 wireless adapater and use microsoft ICS (internet connection sharing)..

but truthfully i'd get a router if i were you and get an Access Point and a Wireless PCMCIA card for your laptop... that way your secure (a bit more pricey though), and you'll have a better network connection between the 2 computers with your PC connected directly to the router and your laptop wireless.. honestly wireless on desktop's just plain out suck, there very unstable, its better to get your desktop hardwired and your laptop wireless.