Home Key Problems in Word 2000

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Okay, hey there guys, i really, REALLY hope someone can help me with this.

I recently got Micrsoft Word 2000 and am running it on Windows XP. Everything is working fine except the following:

1) When I hit Ctrl and Home, i don't return to the start of the document but instead the Find and Replace box pops up.
2) When I hit Home on its own nothing happenes.
3) When i hit Crtl and Page Up, Word Perfect Help appears
4) When I hit Crtl and Page Down, nothing happens.

I mean, what the hell is going on. I know all about keyboard shortcuts and how to change them an delete them but none of the functions that these keyboards combinations should perform are available so as to define their shortcut (at least I don't think they are). I have also checked the shortcuts for the functions that are happening when I don't want them to and they are fine (eg the find and replace box appears with F3, not with Ctrl and Page Up) however, when I hit Ctrl Page Up, that box always pops up.

There's also nothing wrong with my keyboard as I have checked it on the internet and in other programs like Notepad and all these keys do exactly what they are supposed to do.

you got pause,scroll lock on?
if only num lock is on,and english keyboard,set on english,it should work
No, that's all good, keyboard is set to English (Ireland), scroll lock is off and number lock is on.
Just got it sorted now guys, I needed to uncheck Navigation Keys for Word Perfect users in Tools - Options - General. Thanks for your advice in any case.
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