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Well I figured I'd throw my first post down here before I run off to the tech discussion forums. But I thought I'd say whats up.. My names Val and I'm from Dallas / Ft worth. I would say my knowledge on computers on a scale of 1-10 is about a 5 or a 6. I love to talk technology, but mainly my real passions away from cyberspace would be cars, trucks, and music.

Basically I'm a gamer on a upgrade rampage. I'm big into 1st person shooters, mainly Medal of Honor.. but I love most tactical and strategy games.
This is basically what I'm running right now:

Compaq Presario SR1010NX
Celeron 2.8 ghz. 400mhz FSB
768 MB of RAM (swapping the stock 256 stick for another 512)
64 MB Integrated Video card.. I think its a PCI based Intel Extreme Graphics (pfffhhh.. Extreme my arse)
40GB Hard Drive.

Basically this is a shared comp between me and my roommate.
What I'm looking to do is build my own comp.. The Keywords around this project is "SPANK" and "overkill".

This is the case the whole project revolves around

Its either that bad boy or the X-Oxide Cube Case.. the 18X18X18 inch giant that will satisfy my overkill tendencies.

And thats my story.. comments, opinions.. or just general discussion is always welcomed


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your casing looks cool~~~~~~~~~~~~
i like to play 1st person shooting games too.
such as MedalOfHonourSeries, Battlefield1942series, CounterStrike, Far Cry..........
no need to think so much, just shoot only~~~~
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