hmm. this dont sound right

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if you ask me it sounds like spyware, nothing windows would do because its asking me to downlaod and run something and reboot. then says failure to act now may lead to data loss and corruption. i havent done windows update or sp2 yet(tho i have sp2 downloaded on my other hdd, just gotta install it) the message im receiving will be in the pic at the bottom. it sounds like a load of bull **** to me, wat u think. i cant find it in any of the other posts, so i have no idea if this has been mentioned before. i get one like every 20 minues, and i have gotten 2 different addresses. tell me wat u think?


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Hehe, go to start->run and type: services.msc

Scroll down to "messenger" and stop the service. Then right click it and click properties. Disable everything possible.


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1. Click Start-> Settings -> Control Panel
2. Click Administrative Tools
3. Click Services
4. Double-click Services
5. Scroll down and highlight Messenger
6. Right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties
7. Click the STOP button
8. Select Disable or Manual in the Startup Type scroll bar
9. Click OK

EDIT: also I think service pack 2 fixed this hole so you might want to install it if not already present. not even on xp nemore. it went kaput. I was sitting here and a wire from one of my oldest fans (my 120 mm from 1999) had the red wire come out, and it went down and touched the pins from the first pci connector between the plastic and the mobo, and it was the same connector my video card was connected. hope i didnt fry it, but i have tryied to reinstall xp on here after it, no luck. ill see what happens, hopefully i comeback!!! man i am glad i backed up my harddrive about 20 min before it happened. had to format from ntfs to fat32. lost everything :(
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