hlp me plz


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Whenever I right click on the desktop, and go to the personalize option, it brings up the window and then instantly says "Windows Explorer has stopped working" and it restarts the entire windows ...
Every single time it does it,,in vista i should add. Also i recently added more ram and i checked it in the windows tester and and detected a problem.


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the ram might be defective or the model numbers might be too far apart which is causing the problem it happend to me before already, say you have two gigs of ram and they are pc 3200 and pc 400 and they are both 1 gig take out any of them and try it if that doesn't work it means that the RAM stick may be defective


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I don't truly know what the problem is, seems weird for it to crash in this case. I know alot of explorer crashes are caused by an explorer hook, you can try removing them all, but it will be a pain to put them back in (Things like "right click > send to av" are an example of an explorer hook).

I do know one thing, the advice that ik786 is giving you is totally not going to help anything at all, and will just be wasted time. If somethings failing because of faulty memory, problems will be intermittent and occur with more than one program.