HL2 Going Gold!?


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All a hoaz!

Recently there was a post made on the HL2 Fallout Forums under Gabe Newell's account claiming that Half-Life 2 would be going gold on Monday. This post has been confirmed a hoax. An anonymous imposter guessed Gabe's password, "gaben", and made the false claim. Valve has confirmed that this is was a hoax on the Steam Forums.

Here are the full details straight from Mr Bond:

Update: After one crazy night of theories, server mayhem and IP tracing, we've finally gotten to the bottom of this mess. In a twist of hilarity, it seems that Gabe Newell's account password was set to 'gaben'. Person x guessed this and made the "going gold on Monday" post which we've heard so much about. The user (who we believe is the same person x) then made this post just minutes ago using Gabe's account [announcing that he guessed Gabe's pass as "gaben"]

After a quick double-check, it seems that this was exactly what happened. Reminds me of the good old days. For an official response concerning the hoax, see Chris Bokitch's post on Steampowered.

I think Gabe is going to need to start using slightly better passwords on accounts he uses to make public announcements on.