Hitachi desk star not full capacity


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i have a Hitachi desk star ide hard drive (320GB) and the maximum i can get it to recognize is 130GB
the jumper setting are in the correct place for full capacity ....i think

plz help, its urgent


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what version of windows are you using as older versions of windows xp can not use disks bigger than 137gb but this only applies to windows xp and it was fixed in service pack one
also is the computer quite old as some older bios chips do not suppor hard disks of larger sizes like yours

also is this drive formatted to ntfs and is it partitioned in any way


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probably because your windows partition is only 130gb, you'd have to reformat the hard drive and install windows again.


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i have done that but the free space was not there, i ran a partition magic floppy and it found the free space, we then added it then............. to cus a long story short, i think the boot sector is broken, how can i fix that


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no i don't think so, i tried a different one and that had one it said it fixed, did it HELL, i also tried the fixboot thing on windows recovery console