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Hi all,

I am a student trying to do research for a paper. I am trying to find out exactly what it takes to provide high speed internet (i.e. DSL).

It is my understanding that there is a need for a backbone provider. Then the server that would house the related company needs ( i.e. website, user accounts and other items). From the backbone is where I am foggy. I know that there is equipment to portion off the bandwidth, but I don't know what.

I am really trying to find out everything I can (down to the last detail). I would also like to find out what the minimum and maximum of providing this service.

Anyway, could anyone direct me to a reliable source for this information.

Thank you.
Alan Brock
Well, for a backbone, you would need to order some Fractional T3's or even something in the OC range to distribute to your users. Sprint and UUNET are some I can think of that my companies have used. We use Cisco networking equipment and Total Control boxes to allow the Users to log in. You also need some standard windows 2000 servers for web hosting and we use Free BSD for the POP and SMTP servers for the users E-mail. We also used some account management software called Prism that was created by a company in Hawaii to keep track of users bills and other information. This was though when i worked at a dial up ISP.
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