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hi , I dont know what to set this at, maybe someone can help, here is my set up
p3 850 mhz
geforce 2 32 meg
512 sd ram
win 98se

my options are: under settings and then colors:

256 colors
high colors (16 bit)
true color (32 bit)

with my video card being 32 meg does this mean anything? i like gaming so i was also told that if i set it lower i will have better performance . is this true?
possibly, but your video card isnt that bad, id probably set it at 16 bit, just to get those extra FPS's out of your games.
Usually a GeForce2 experiences a large performance hit when 32-bit color is used in games; it's obviously true that turning to 16-bit color will enhance performance; but if you're not very paranoid about maintaining, say, 60fps at a higher resolution, then I'd suggest using higher quality 32-bit color. :)

If that GeForce2 card is an MX, I would strongly suggest playing at 16-bit color for most games (doesn't include older games).
ok guys i got this from dell , it is a refurbished 550YH
crd,vid,nvidia,32mb,nv10,ddr :D if that helps on what i should do.
if im guessing correctly from the name, they are Golf games.

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