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I live in Leeds, England.

I work as a manager in a call centre (read the most boring thankless job ever)

I have degree in Music Technology, and completed one year of a computer science degree before switching to the former.

I recently decided to renew my interest in computers so built two new pc's to add to my ageing mac, now possible due to salary, ie. reason for the most boring thankless job ever

Box 1:

Dual G4 450 running mac os x 10.3.3
256Mb Ram

Box 2:

2.8 GHz Pentium 4
ASUS P4P200 motherboard 800Mhz front side bus
1GB Ram
Running Debian Linux, 2.4.24 kernel
Gateway machine and network server

Box 3:
2.4 GHz intel Celeron
512Mb Ram
Windoze XP Home (other halfs machine, she's an Freelance IT trainer, need to turn her from the dark side...)

100 Mbit Ethernet Lan

1152 kbit/s down, 288 kbits/s up ADSL Broadband connection

Currently the linux box acts as a gateway to the internet. Next steps are to implement file serving and apache

Other than that I am teaching myself to code again. Steering well clear of C++ and learning Objective C on my trusty mac. Apples new IDE and a nicer implementation of OO have won me over.

Will probably try to learn a couple of *nix scripting languages to help with the web server setup.

Other than that mot of my life is spent keeping the other half happy...


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Welcome to TF nak-1!:D

Glad to see another Mac floating around here!:laughing:

Happy Posting! :)


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Welcome to T-F

I have a mac. =P I hardly ever use it, but it was my first computer that I ever ever had. I got it at a yard sale(i got ripped off...but i don't regret it! ^^)
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