Hi I'm new to this forum

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Hi Guy's I just thought i would pop in and see what Tech Forums are like seems a good forum. Well this is where i asy a few things about myself. Well i am female I have been married for 3 years and i have a 2 and a half son (named Michael) I like NGC,XBOX DVD'S ALL SOAPS Emmerdale etc and soap magazines and i also live in South Wales UK well i will leave it there for now hope to be posting here soon see ya' later LOL ....:)
Welcome CubeMistress im glad you like our forums and look forward to reading/replying to your post.

Hello to all you good guys,
I am new too and I've been through this forum and I like what I read and I have similar questions and looking foward to posting my them soon.
Until then have a nice time.
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