Hi, I'm new. Look at my dilemma, so to speak.


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A hearty hello. I always like to get straight to the point. I'm Josh. I like girls. I'm barely getting into computers @ 18.

Here's what I'm stuck with,

Dell Dimension E521
305 Watt BTX Psu <---standard Dell psu I hear
AMD X-2 3800+
3072mb ddr2 533mhz ram (2x1024 + 2x512)
160gb Seagate Barracuda sata internal
ATI x1300 Pro <---that's my problem

I get decent fps in games, killing my card probably.

Here's what I want to upgrade to

AMD X-2 5600/6000+ 3.0ghz cpu
XFX 8600GT Superclocked 256mb graphics card.


TD says a 300 watt psu minimum and XFX's website suggests a 350.

My card now has a 350w req and the computer works great.

I also hear Dell under-rates their psu's?

Help me out. Do you guys, with your better understanding of computers, think I could upgrade both with no issues, or for one, at least the card. I've heard of several people opting for 8600gt's with no problems in this system.