Hi, I'm Jake nice to meet you

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Townsville, QLD
Hey guys and Guyettes,

My name is Jake and I live in Townsville North Queensland. I live for computers, although I don't know that much about them compared to some of you 'monster' techies. I've Just finished A course in introductory Linux and am hoping to gain employment in the feild of IT (yes I've studied other subjects other than linux)

I have two dogs, two cats, birds chickens and Guina pigs and 1 little sister.

I'm A James Bond FANATIC I've seen all the Bond films, including Moonraker (what a peice of cinamatic crap that was) I'm Also A huge fan of 'Hurcule Poirot' Agatha Christie's Belgain sleuth.

The reason for joing this forum is because I used to be a member on another forum, but due to slack moderation I left.

Well that sums me up, interesting Person.... Arn't I?????
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