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Another newbie here....

I'm not really sure what go's in these and since i've already typed some i aint gonna back and check the other posts! :p

Basically i have worked as a technician for the last seven months and before that it was part time during the holiday periods away from university.

Basically my speciality is laptop repair, DC sockets, Motherboard repair, Inverter/screen/backlight repair/replacement. Get a lot more satisfaction than dealing wih PCs all the time.
Also work part time in data forensics for a local "agency" and find that job amazing but also truly disturbing sometimes.

Anyways apart from all that im football (*soccer) mad and love nothing better than a good kickaround. Beleive it or not i hate computers outside of work and only have a laptop as my work gave me it free! :p

Hope to see you all around in the forums.


Not open for further replies.