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Hi everyone,

My name's Rowland and I work for a company who specialise in a hardware product called PC Cure . It fits into a PCI slot in the back of your PC and protects the C partition (or any partition that your operating system runs in).

It runs in all operating systems from 95 upwards including Linux. What you can do is to set up the machine how you want it to start each time and then anyone can do anything to the machine. They can change all the settings, delete all the fonts, format the hard drive but as soon as they reboot the settings you made for it come back up which anyone can do. This stops you having to go back to the computer and re-ghost it for example.

You have full access to all parts of the PC. With PC Cure you don't need to lock down the floppy or the CD drives. Thus allowing anybody to use all parts of the PC. If anyone has any files that need to be saved (eg. Word documents), these can be saved to a seperate un-protected partition.

As the O/S is in a protected partition, there is no way that any virus could also effect your PC either as it can't get to it! Just an added bonus of the card.

Visit our website. http://www.lodestar.co.uk

Hope to hear from you, or anyone else interested, soon
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