Hey yo people wazz happenin'?


For Nintendo Entertainment System
or Super Nintendo Entertainment System do
they make a video game translator that
translates a or any language to english?

Private Message me any links and I am also looking
for Action/Adventure/RPGs and Adventure/RPGs
for NES and SNES put only the game's names.

Games like Breath Of Fire, Final Fantasy,
The 7th Saga, Dragon Warrior,
EarthBound, Illusion Of Gaia,
Willow, Faria,
Fist Of The North Star &
Legend Of The 7 stars & Mario RPG are games I already know of.

Please tell me all the Action/Adventure/RPGs and Adventure/RPGs that you know of and say what languages it comes in.

Sorry if this is hard to read Private Message me if it is then I'll explain piece by piece what I mean even here.

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I have BOF, FF, Dragon Quest, Secret of Mana, and a bunch of other games on snes. Wait nvm, Dragon Quest only comes in English for SNES I think... but uhm, message me on AIM about how to "get" these games.

~mr mixx~

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Well if your talking bout playing on the old consoles, then i don't know if they have a devise for that.

But if your talking bout the emulated pc versions, you'll have to get a patch for the game that translates it for you. but you'll have to goolgle the patches.