hey wtf!


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Congratulations, I noticed it lol :D When you had 1005 posts or something; but I never said anything; I figured you made a thread that I didn't see... :p

Half Evil

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King of Kings said:
I hit 1k post and didnt even notice : (
I wonder what my 1,000 post was.Wish I noticed it
Ahwell,5k here I come!

Im a guru :cool:
Well focus on your next post, rather then your 5,000ths ;)

Your 1000th post

Ok? 0_o

And did they say "damn we dont want this kid,drive him down to that adoption place and we will get rid of him".No they kept you and took care of you right? Like a good parent should.
I think..
Haha,glad it was on a debate lol. +rep for you

Edit: damn,says I have to spread it around.But I want to give it all to arrixz XD
Ill wait a while and try