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Hey, I belive I could be some use here for technical help. I have my A+ Cert, my Secur+ Cert, and Soon to go and take the Microsoft Cert.
Although, I am not an expert in every field. I may know about internet and sever security, but I am a 100% "nooblar" at configuring servers.
I have decided to run my own server, and on it I have DL'ed and installed Apache 1.3 (Because it was said to be more stable with PHP support) - I DL'ed the PHP "whatever-its-called" but **ARGH** I think I am a COMPLETE IDOT!!! No matter what I do, I follow the directions exactly, but I cannot install php support for my server.
Once again I am running an Apache 1.3
Any Help/Suggestions?
Oh, and HOW do I upload a custom avatar, not that I dont love your outstanding selection... rofl
heh, I noticed - if i check it then choose an upload, it unchecks it. lol, that tricky lil' bastard
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