Hewlett Packard Sucks

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Man, right now I am so mad at HP.

I bought a pavilion computer.

The CD-RW drive was loose for some reason and then one day the tray fell out when I pushed open, and then I email them and they didn't help me with that at all..

I want the files for Microsoft IIS server and no, I can't because HP doesn't give you a windows xp disk with your computer...OMG IM GUNNA FLIP.
You just figured that out. I had an hp 8550c that my parents bought for me and i had so many problems.
believe me you arent.

I wanted to put more ram into my mothers HP computer, it was a minitower..

the white clips on the ram slots were blocked by the top of the cd rom drive and the cd rom drive was bolted in on both sides, with the furthest away side being 1 inch from the side of the case.

it was impossible unless i gutted the thing.
Wow, and I thought Gateway was bad, but I've never had the trouble with them you guys seem to have with HP. I don't think I'll ever buy one of those. If I was going to buy a new computer though, what kind would you guys suggest?
Never heard of Alienware. What is it? I wish I could build my own, but alas I'm not quite that smart..... Maybe I can get one of you guys to build it for me.... *hint, hint* *L* :)
LoL, alienware, just go to google and search alienware, but you could just as easily go to alienware.com, they are really high end, have excellent looking cases, if you have that money, I would truly recomend them, my friend has one, they are very very nice. I just don't have that kinda money!
yeah Alienware computers are nice. The thing is.... the exact same systems they offer can be built yourself for a fraction of the cose. Building ur own comp is the best way to go.
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