Hewett Packard Rips people off

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Hewett Packard has a web site to update the firmware for a HP Photosmart 618 digtal Camera that will screw your camera so bad it is worthless at http://ftp.hp.com/pub/pc_photography/software/618en.htm.
DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR CAMERA. Hewett Packard stated if your camerea is working find you should have upgraded the firmware and states its not there fault. So now I have a 600.00 paoer weight. If anyone could tell me how I can get this new update out of my camera I would be very greatful.
um...HP/Compaq support may be terrible, but you should at least try and contact them. The whole thing is their fault, and it should be covered on their warrenty.

By the way, shouldn't this thread be moved?
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