Here's some food for Thought:


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ha, i thought the condom was candy, lmfao!

but so true.
I keep my Pistol next to my bed because i live in the city.
Over the top? Maybe

but i know that if thier is an intruder in my house, i have easy access to it.
And i am NO noob to guns. I used to shoot competition


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I'd go for the gun all the time. But in England it's illegal to have one in your house and I'd end up in jail for protecting my own.

The cops will turn up far to late after the incident and the condom is only effective if the rapist chooses to use it.


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I live in the country, yet I still have a dagger on the wall at the end of my bed.
Along side my throwing knives, my machete at the top end of the bed behind my dresser (from the angle it's easy access).

Not to mention my 12 gauge pump shotgun.
The 12 gauge would not be easy use in the house. But give me one shot and I guarantee I will end your life.
I have been shooting since I was five years old, by the time I was seven I could hit a fly on a door with a bb gun at 25 feet.
I will be buying an M9 when I turn 21 and am granted the license.
(A year and about four months away)


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Firearms are difficult. Our justice system in this type of situation almost seems in favor of the criminal. Having a gun in your home is one thing, Using it and killing someone is another. You would have to prove your or your families "Life" was in danger, Otherwise you would be charged with murder. I don't follow the Laws in other States as they do vary, But in California, If someone wanted to come into your home and steal all your belongings, You can not shoot them...While I disagree with this because they don't belong in our homes to begin with, It is the law.

I have a lot of family that lives in certain counties So I pushed them to get CCW permits so they can carry. My sister is always armed when she goes out. Best advice I can give for fellow sisters, mothers, etc is go out and get a CCW if your city/state permits them. MUST have a clean record, and even then it is Very difficult to get, But worth it imo with our society.