Here's a tough on for you network guru types


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First things first. Equipment list:
Modem is a cable modem supplied by ISP.
Router is a TPLink TL-R480+
Switch is a TPlink 16 port TL-SF1016D
DVR is a SVAT Defender 4 camera system with a built in server

My Router's DHCP pool starts at 100 and ends at 200. Anything below 100 is the network hardware such as access points. There is nothing above the DHCP pool high end.

The DVR is in the 0 to 100 block set aside for the hardware. There are also 2 NAS drives in the 0 to 100 block.
I have set up the virtual server to the port programed in to the DVR and connected it to the IP address of the DVR. I have enabled UDP and TCP both and enabled the function.

It can not be seen outside of the local network. What gets seen by outsiders trying to hit it is a time out error. I had my ISP on the phone this morning and the tech was getting the same thing. When I hung up with him I had an epiphany. Here's what I think is wrong.

The DVR is in the 0 to 100 block which is below the DHCP pool. I'm thinking now, this makes it unaccessable to the outside world. If I was to move it up in to the pool and link it to the port in the virtual server AND reserve the IP address in the DHCP functions, it may become visable to some one with the right info to see it.

It's either that or get a DSL connection just for the DVR system.
Am I on the right track or am I still chasing my tail?

(I'm posting this at several websites to get the most responces.)

Never mind. I got it sorted out all by my little lonesome.


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Glad you got it working!
Care to post the solution?

The DHCP pool idea was on the wrong track. A DHCP pool is simply that. A static IP outside the pool range still has all of the functions available though it's gateway just like a node within the pool range does.