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Here my hardware:
Gigabyte ga7vrxp rev. 2.0 board w/ f10 bios version
amd approved HSF for xp 2200
amd athlon xp 2200+
256mb xms corsair pc2700 memory
antec true power 430 watt PSU
133 mhz fsb
clock multiplier is set to auto(default)

board is very unstable. Any time I try to run a game, install software, etc,
anything that makes the processor work, the system shuts down and restarts.
bios says core voltage is 1.63 but sisoft sandra, gigabyte motherboard
monitoring utility(cd bundled software), and easytune 4 say that the core
voltage is 1.79. I tend to believe windows software over bios because of
the problems I'm having. when I go into bios core voltage says 1.77v for
about 1/2 a second and then immediately switches to 1.63v. I have sent the
board, processor, and memory back to be replaced but is this an issue with
this board that I should expect to see with the new board that is being
shipped or did I probably just have a faulty board, processor, or memory?

did you glue the heatsink on with the GLUE PROVIDED? did you plug it in? did you pop it in the oven and set the dial to "incinerate"? that's me out of ideas.
the temperature is probably a more accurate way to judge wether it is a processor problem or not. If it goes above 60 then its hotter than normal, if it goes above 70 it's too hot and if it goes above 90 it won't work at all.
My friend first booted up his Athlon XP 1700+ at 78C and it continuously runs currently at 65C for many days straight without a single failure; my guess is that it could be related to your power supply. Though 250w is the minimum spec, 300w is more recommended.
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