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Hello all, new here.

Ok heres my situation, I received an old computer about 2 years ago and i just bought a gaming laptop so I dont need it any more, So I want to sell it to someone. It came with vista, 2.0 ghz processor, 160 Watt PSU, and a crappy integrated Graphics chip from intel, the integrated chipset cant even run vista aero, or display movies on screen with its crappy max 8mb of vram. So I did some upgrading, used what spare parts i had and put in a 2.3 ghz processor, Geforce ti4200, a extra gig of ram and a 300 watt psu. Still aero will not run and whats the point of selling a vista unless it has all the eye candy? So i want to buy a graphics card that will work with 300 Watts and runs aero and low quality, older games. the TI can handle old games like halo very well and is decent on half life 2. Now from my understanding, aero requires Geforce FX series and up. I was gonna get the 5200 but that cards crap and i can get the 6200 for the same price. which one will work with the psu and crank out more bang for my buck for the person im selling it too? also opinions on how much i should sell it for will also be helpful, i was thinking around $80 - $100?

Current system specs
Windows Vista Home Premium
Pentium 4 2.3 GHz processor
1.5 GB ram
AGP 4X/8X Nvidia Geforce ti4200 128MB
2 hard drives 1/40GB 2/20GB
300 watt psu