Golden Master
As you know, Im getting better and better in Photoshop CS2 :D . Well, one of my dads friend is a photographer, and need someone like me, to do some editing to the pictures he takes..You know, maybe change the background, add some light, make the person black and white, and the jewlry leave it in color...These types of things...And he will pay me for it, so nothing like making some nice cash...Anyhow, he makes like 11*12 albums and such, and he showed me this guys album from a wedding, and he has like templates..Like you would have the main picture on the right, then some smaller titlted frames, and you would paste some other pictures in...Well, I really need any type of album templates...For wedding, sweet sixtenns, or just a normal casual template...Please help, some people on the forums have told me, just go and make it on cs, but Im really not that GOOD...So anyone, have any templated I can download for free...and if there not free, but popular, im sure I can find them :D