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Well my problem is my laptop wont start up. I reformated it the other day because it had too much junk on it, and was running very slow. So i did the restore with the cds that came with the computer, The restore was successful and the computer loaded fine. Then i did windows update so it asked me to restart. So i did restart and it came on saying "Loading error, press a key to reboot" so i did this and the same message keeps coming up over and over again. So i then decided to try restore again but i had no luck, it carries on with what it was doign before.

Any ideas of what i can do?


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Well u could reinstall the OS by inserting your OS Cd, and go into bios-Advanced feasture (2 Nd down) and select boot from cd as your primary boot device, there might be a other solution to this? What OS do u have?