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Can anyone tell me the program that keeps a record of yor visa card details, email adress ect so that you can use it to automaticaly enter the info when you purchase online.
I am with Ã…nubis, but if you just have to have something, MS Wallet does a good job of tracking... errrr, I mean keeping that stuff. ;)
Get a visa with a smart chip :) It'll remember everthing on the visa card itself. Then you don't have to worry about it on your computer :)
Iwant a program that I enter the details on it and when you go to a site it opens up and asks if you wish to have the details entered, it also remembers passwords ect.
I agree Guy. ms wallet will do the job nicely.

Just realize that your laziness costs you your privacy.
Originally posted by Seloce
Just realize that your laziness costs you your privacy.

LOL -- how true it is.

And we're not trying to laugh at you, eddiejj62, but I think that most of us have had an experience where we learned the lesson the hard way.

To each his own.
Thanks a lot for your help I do not think so anyway I found the program I wanted it is called Gator.
You are joking right.

OK... I will only warn you once-- DO NOT USE GATOR!!!!!! It is spyware. And once you install it, it is a pain in the ass to get rid of.

You have been warned. You will start seeing things that you never had before on your computer, cause it automatically downloads things. Your antivirus (if you even use one) will not work properly.

But if you choose not to listen to my advice and the advice of others soon to come-- do a search on google-- and you will see how truley horrible your choice is.
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