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I don't know what is happening or if and how to fix it. whenever I want to open my resources(CTRL+ALT+DELETE) it appears and then disappears. I open NAV and it then disappears. I also open some files and they sometimes disappear. I have been having this problem with stuff for a few days now. Can someone please help me and tell me what I can do to solve this problem?
sounds like a variant of sub7 (but don't quote me on that). restart your computer in safe mode and then run your virus scan, if possible. if not, try to boot into the command prompt if possible and do a virus scan from there. you may not be able to fix it without a tool from norton though, so note the name of the virus and do some web searches on it.
Thankyou very much. Do you think I may have to reformatt my comp? I don't know much about computers, how do I choose to restart in safe mode? I have an IBM Netvista.
You could press F8 when booting up..I don't remember when exactly just power up and keep hammering that F8! Eventually you'll see a menu with a couple of choices, adn Safe Mode should be there. ^_^
You only need to hit it once after your bios boots. windows holds all keystrokes in memory until it actually requests input.
Thankyou for you help, it worked. I started in safe mode and used F-PORT AntiVirus. It found 67 infected files, and it deleted 43 of them and disinfected 24 of them. It saud that most were infected by W32/Klez.H@mm and the rest were infected by W32/Elkern.c Do you know what these things are? Thankyou very much again for all your hgelp, my comp[ is even running fast again. :D
I beleive Klez is a worm, but I never heard of the Elkern one...

Oh, and if you ever get an email saying W32.Klez worm removal tool, do NOT open it or download the attachment. ;)
Ok thanks a lot I think I remember this from an e-mail, I have not got anything like that for a long time though, could it really take quite a while to notice it?
heh. just went through a klez infection here at work.

klez is a worm that creates bogus files on your system that then obtain extremely high amounts of system memory, rendering your system inoperable. it spreads very rapidly over a network, but you can get a fix from norton or mcafee. when using the fix, boot in safe mode and disconnect the computer from the network. the fix takes care of the rest.

look for the other virus you have on norton's site.
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