help with xp performance edition

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there are a lot of different xp pro cds out that. you oem serial should work on most of them except retail and and corperate

Retail and corporate are the most common ISO's I have found but if he looks specifically for the OEM CD he should have no problem.

Also to the OP a lot of the "modded" versions out there don't work properly so if you find one that doesn't seem to work no matter how you burn it, it is not a good image file so you'll have to keep looking until you find one that works and the best way to save yourself the time effort and money of burning Frisbee's is to mount the image first before you burn it to see how it reacts.. if it gives the blue XP pop up as soon as you mount it.. that is a good indication of a good ISO image file, if it opens in folder view, it most likely isn't a good one.
hi sorry not been replying
i have tried to logon to the second os that i installed after i got the stop 00x00000050 error , and it now lets me logon but soon after it reboots.
is there anything that i can do to repair this.
i cannot enter the os in any mode so again i am totaly lost.
i can boot in safe mode on my other os

many thanks
Why does it reboot? Does it give a BSOD that we can diagnose? Does it reboot from a heat issue? Hardware failure?

We need some kind of information to be able to help you fix this. Until we get something all we are doing is playing guessing games.
it doesnt give me a bsod anymore it just keep rebooting in a loop.
could you tell me how to see if it is a hardware issue or heating issue.
as you can see im fairly new to computers lol.
many thanks
Check and see if you have automatic restart checked in the computer properties, if so uncheck it to see if theres any new stop error.
I still say find an XP disc that supports your product key and try a clean install. sounds like you have quite the mess there. the good thing is you can find one with sp3 intragrated.

this is what you want to google, since it is untouched.. meanig from the factory.. it is totaly leagal to download and use since your system is licensed to have one.

use your key when installing.

right i have done what hampton reccomended me to do and it has worked so thanks to all but now i am face with the problem of connecting to xbox live from my pc.

my pc is connected to the internet via my buffallo usb wifi stick and when i put my ethernet cable into the slot on the computer it doesnt connect to xbox live , so i open network connections and find the ethernet cable and right click and open properties , then i go to advanced and sellect allow other computers to connect throught thiscomputers internet and i apply theese settings. i restart my xbox and it still doesnt let me to connect to the internet.

so once again i am totaly lost lol but atleast im not as lost as a few days ago wich is thanks to you guys

once again thanks a million
Have you checked the XBOX Live site for any and all information? I know that they have a ton of info on that site about issues like this.
thanks to the both of you but i have tried the xbox website and theres nothing to help me on the site.

am i using the right cable
i am currently using a cat 5 cable but elsewhere i have seen somebody say that a crossover cable is required.

many thanks
any extra help will be apreciated
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