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I hope someone can help as i am not too bright.
I bought an Intelogis PassPort Home Networking System a few years ago...actually free after rebates and tho i never even tried it with any of my systems, my stepson had it up and running with 2 windows 98 systems.

he had since returned it to me and it sat again in the closet. Now I have recently bought a Dell 2350 Desktop with 2.4 Ghx Pentium 4 and 512 Mgs RAM running Windows XP and finally decided to try my hand at networking this through the house electric wires and of course, IT DON"T WORK on my XP system. of course, since I bought this, Intelogis went out of business or changed their name and focus and no longer support PassPort Home networking.

Well, actually, it did work on my win 98 laptop. However, the problem is when I put the software cd in the XP, it runs and runs and the icons appear saying the files are being copied, but it just keeps running and running but never really is reading and installing. I know the cd drive is working correctly because i have installed other things via cd-rom drive and have played audio cd's fine.

Can anyone tell me why the cd in xp is not recognizing and installing the software. I am sure part of it may be a compatability issue and i looked thru the compat list and of course Intelogis isn't listed, but isn't XP supposed to be a "more intelligent" OS(lol) and shouldn't it at least install the software on my XP 60 Gb HDD?

any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your response

Thanks for your response

I don't think i had posted the question here before. sorry if i did and again thanks for your response
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