help with watching movies on a hdtv!


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whats this for, i don't even have a western digital product, I am simply asking for which of the two options i said is better...


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before i say what product will be the best for you can i ask what file format you are wanting to watch... Are we talking standard Divx, 700Mb Films, or HD Movies?


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I highly recommend the WDTV Live, I have two of them and they work great, I have never had an issue with playing any file


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the thing is i am not looking to get it from the internet, i want to go to a store, as well i want the price to be around 40-70, and get it locally which i am in mississuaga ontario canada. Can I get the WDTV with these conditions?


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WDTV is what I use for watching downloaded movies it's really a great device ,you can dowwnload movies to your usb drive or external drive and watch what ever movies want ,you can watch in a bunch of formats avi,divx,mkv and others.This will be a good pick,this can also few pictures on your hdtv and plays mp3 musics also.