Help with upgrading??? HELP!!!

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I have a pc with these specs:

Intel d865PERL motherboard
Intel 3.0HT 800FSB
512 DDR pc400 RAM
40GB IDE ATA 7,200RPM 8mb cache
Gforce mx4000 128mb vidcard
and etc

with a 350w powersupply
and a stock cooling fan..

Any of you guys know how i can mod this pc to be more better and gaming..

my plans are to:

get a 2nd HDD 80GB 7,200rpm SATA 16mbcache
increase the RAm from 512 to 1 or 1.5gb
change the Vid card to a 256mb gforce fx5700
and maybe a new power suppy 480W

please help... need help asap
well sad to say here in my country the latest vid card is the fx5700... i know where to get a 6600GT or a 6800GT.. but it will cost alot more.. i only have a small amount of money.. which will cover that i said...
or any good ATI vid cards?? like 9800xt? or 9600xt?? i think we only have 9600 and below... any thing?
The 9800 will run alot better than the FX5700. I'm running that card right now, I know my sig says different, and it is crappy. It barely runs Doom, I mean it REALLLY struggles with Doom! How much would it cost you to get a 6600? Have you checked EBay? Wouldnt that be a good place to get stuff cheap?

As Grim said, 1GB ram, and then do the video card. 1.5gb RAM is overkill. You wouldnt need that unless you are doing some serious video editing. And also like he said, last priority, the Raptor, That would speed up your game play hella!
Yea upgrade to 1 gig of ram and a 128mb 6600 GT would suit you nicely, anything lower than a 6600 GT in the nvidia department really won't deliver that well for medium-heavy gaming. Hmm an 80 gb would be nice too, I would just replace this 80gb one with the older one rather than have two unless you really want to. Good job on the power as you will need more. Hmm, don't get your idea of the 256mb gforce fx5700, it's just not worth it, the card is just low-average now and probably just has cheaper memory stuck onto it which is to rip you off, stick with a 128mb 6600 GT. I think otherwise you are fine
if you do get a powersupply make sure it's a good one, watts mean nuthin, it needs at least 25amps on the 12v rail, most antecs have over 30, look into the antec neopower 480
- im getting twinmos 512 pc400 ddr
-Western Digital 80gb 10,000rpm SATA with 8mb cache (not sure about the cache i think its 8 or 16)
-Nvidia 6600GT 128mb 128bit DDR3 agp8x.
-Thermaltake Cooling Fan

1 question though... If i get a Geforce 6600GT Vid card.. Do i Need To change my Powersupply??? My stock power supply is a 350w unit... and its kinda loud but its alright.... Do I really need a bigger power supply for the 6600Gt???

Im on a tight budget though... :)
too power all that u may need to get some more juice(POWER) u should go with an xconnect 420w i beleive thats only 80USD and make sure u get the same ram and run in dual channelk if possible. the 6600GT powns man doom3 mid range to high graphics at 60 fps not too shabby
ow.. but i dnt think i can get those high end branded power supply... I can get a branded one but it would be an unknown brand it gives 550W but most of my friends that are Computer Eng. say its a good brand and its not noisy.. and I think im running on single channel t.t How do u change that to dual channel???

i need all the help i can get...
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