Help with toshiba Laptop


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Hi, I just bought a toshiba t2100ct laptop (2nd hand) so it has no operating system in it. When I turn it on it comes up the MS DOS prompt. Obviously it doesn't have windows in it, does anyone know where I can download the windows for it. It says in the book 3.1 so thats probably the windows I need

Any help willl be thankful

It doesnt have a cd rom. so is there any operating systems i can try which uses the floppy???



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Whoa whoa... how old is this puppy? Windows 3.1? No cd-rom? Well, as far as I know, at the present moment, you're better off getting a new labtop. 1. It'll prolly be easier to find a labtop with a preinstalled OS 2. Cheaper because trying to find 3.1 on a floppy will be difficult, at least to me. 3. WIth a newer labtop, you'll be able to do so many more things, and won't have to worry about upgrading becuase you'll do all the work to find a floppy (if you do) and then soon you'll find that it could be pointless. But, I don't really know you (no offense, but I dont) and I can't really say anything, because I don't know you're budget, etc. So yeah, hope this helps.
yeah jac said it your be better of getting a new computer because windows 3.1 will be no use to you and you probably will have to pay quite a bit of money for a copy now as its so old fasioned.


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I'm sure that you could pick up a copy on Ebay for a relativly small amount of money actually...


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yeah that laptop sounds pretty old... never even used windows 3.1 and I don't imagine that it's that good, but hey, give it a try... no point in getting rid of the laptop if it works right? unless of course you could sell it on ebay for more than you got it that might be a good reason lol


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wait, comes up in dos prompt?

It might have 3.1 installed... Have you tried typing
and then hitting enter?

3.1 comps usually booted into DOS first, and you had to do that to get into windows. The fact that it boots to DOS means that you do at least have one OS.... DOS is an OS and is quite useable if you are not afraid of CLI...

Anyway, you might want to give that a try.